Bright Minds encourages learning by doing. It is believed that when more than one method of learning is put to use, the information gets locked in the memory in a better and easier way. The hand-on learning process helps develop multiple talents in children. This method encourages students to take part and obtain information which is not possible through dictation. Sensorial learning method stimulates total learning experience that help’s the child to think, connect and respond effectively. Sensorial learning assists in developing sensory organs of the child as they work with materials are directly involved in the activity. The sensory perception of child namely visual, auditory, tactile, gustatory, baric, olfactory, thermic, and chromatic, sterognostic gets fine tuned. Children are made to learn through receptive teaching aids, audio visual, assemblies, e-learning through electronic interactive boards that plays key role in development of intelligence.

In order to make the foundation strong, the pre-school wing of Bright Minds adopts following teaching methodology for toddlers:

has been designed to develop inner-self as they grow from childhood. It helps the child to learn Language, Mathematics, Sensory, Practical Life Exercises and Culture.

Montessori Approach

the gross motor skill is honed through simple activities like jumping, running, fetching materials independently etc. The fine motor skills can be developed by activities like paper cutting, opening and closing bottles, play dough, clay modeling, folding and unfolding napkins and others. Activities like eye-hand coordination, pincer and dominant fingers’ grip development for future writing skills etc enhances neuromuscular control.

Physical & Physiological Development

the phonetic and auditory games improve language skills. The structured reading and storytelling sessions are also helpful in developing the skills. Children are allowed to take books from library and bring it home so that parents can read out their favorite stories.

Language Development

Pre-writing skills are imparted using insets for designs, making patterns in sand, writing with crayons etc.