It is seen that most schools focus on mental development, but Bright Minds aims in all round development of children hence engages young ones in regular physical activity. Children through sports learn teamwork and fair play from very beginning. The personality of a child can be developed in a better way by encouraging them to participate in various spheres. As children of today spend more time watching TV or in front of computer, Bright Minds therefore decided to provide a welcome dose of structured physical activity. The activities are well structured and age appropriate which makes sure that their first experience is a positive one. Exercising and physical activities makes the muscles and bones strong and it has also been proven that active children are more likely to become fit as adults. Physical fitness is the key element required to lead a healthy life. Bright Minds has made physical education mandatory for students of all class so as to include fitness activity in the routine.

Various sports facilities offered in Bright Minds are:


Volley Ball






Table Tennis

Yoga & Meditation


Martial Arts

Indoor Sports


Bright Minds also has well equipped multi-gym where students can work out under the supervision of instructor. Our students have also made a mark at state level in tennis and basket ball. Special coaching classes are made available after school hours for cricket, tennis, swimming and basket ball where they are trained to participate and compete in various interschool competitions. These sports activities help students to maintain their fitness, develop muscular strength, increase stamina and ultimately stretch their physical capabilities to an optimum level. Sports in school are the best way to inculcate discipline, team spirit, and confidence, sense of belonging and self esteem. Student learns that victory and defeat is an ongoing process.