Science Center

Science center at Bright Minds has been designed to offer opportunity for effective learning. The idea behind setting up the science club is to promote scientific temper in students, motivate them to participate in various activities like quiz and model display apart from routine studies. Students learn team spirit and become increasingly aware of new scientific inventions. This helps in the overall development of the students.

Other activities in science club:


A panel of members of science club puts up questions on the notice board after every two weeks. The questions may be from physics, chemistry, biology or mathematics. Students are given three days for solving and submitting the answers which is to be deposited in a box placed outside school’s staff room. The solution sheets are judged and the top scorers are awarded at the end of the semester.

Collage competition is also held in science centre where students collect and paste relevant pictures related to the science and assign topic to it. Group of four students prepare the collage and submit it in a week’s time. It is again judged by the panel of judges and the best one is awarded.

Monthly aptitude tests are also conducted for the students of science club. Questions are set by panel of members for the subjects like physics chemistry, mathematics and biology, and are also checked by the same panel members.

Model display competition is also held once in a year where students prepare them on any of the three subject- physics, chemistry and biology. The models may be working or a non working one. Each model is judged and the best two in each subject is awarded.

Science quiz is also conducted which is open for all students. Three rounds of quiz are held that covers all the science subjects. Top scorers qualify for the next round and the highest scoring team wins finally.