DSCN2475The school has years of experience and has now a proud alumni that has excelled in all walks of life. History is gorged with examples of how Bright Minds thought out of the box and came up with ideas and implemented new techniques to change the lives of young learners. The extraordinary thinking of Bright Minds pre-school and 10+2 education has delivered best in the preschool education system.

Bright Minds has always encouraged a child’s inquisitiveness and has fed them with honest answers. It has helped young children to learn and express while playing. Allowing the child to question no matter how childish it seems is the blueprint of his artistic genius. The colorful, chirpy environment of the school lets the child to unleash his creativity. Bright Minds school is managed by a team of dedicated and qualified educationists who aims in providing a child-friendly stress-free environment. Impressed with the functioning and progress of the school, several prominent administrators and educationists have become a part of Bright Minds.

Bright Minds was born out of requirement based on simple insights which has been a part of us since childhood. During earlier days knowledge was limited to books and the scores on the progress card bespoke our achievement. Bright Minds is the new generation school that is here to break all boundaries, change everything and make students socially and environmentally responsible. It is a progressive school which understands the need of the student, values their uniqueness and understanding and giving them the space to be what they are! Bright Minds has been creating confident, compassionate and technology savvy citizens who have this unique attitude to learn, adapt and excel throughout their lives. BrightMinds through all these years has not just awarded certificates and report cards but has excited the minds of young ones to explore new possibilities and encouraged them to define the future.