It all started when Mr. Mahaveer Prasad Sesama visioned a school that offered the children with education system that was based on modern infrastructure and proven education methodology. He believed that there is a leader in every child and if they are groomed initially in a planned and structured environment, every child will contribute the best to the nation. Mr Mahaveer Prasad Sesama, the founder has years of academic experience and is a visionary and one of the most respected educationists in India. He has an experience in behavioral and motivational aspects of students of various age groups.

Mr. Govinda Ram Sesama is the Chairman and Director  and he who has experience of over a decade in the corporate sector in the field of education consulting. He has travelled extensively in India and abroad and has an experience of working with various teams spread across different countries. He has special love for children and this is the reason why he has dedicated himself to the education sector. His idea was to get involved with students, work with people and make a difference to their lives and in the process get a platform where one can grow as a conscientious human being. Mr. Govinda Ram Sesama brings in a unique mix of quality education pedigree, rich corporate experience along with process orientation.

All the management and teachers as well as educationists in Bright Minds are committed education professionals with a thoroughbred background. They have a passion for quality and innovation and they believe that educators are first learners and this very approach helps us in evolving and growing further. This is the reason why Bright Minds is able to bring innovation to school curriculum which is based on latest research findings and changing needs thus bringing heart and quality to the education system.