Team of Bright Minds facilitates and guides children to become enthusiastic learners. In order to enhance the development to optimum, teachers approach multicultural education which makes the child feel more welcomed, integrated and helps him to cooperate with others in the school. Play is work for children, thus children at Bright Minds are taught to become independent, self-confident and inquisitive, all while playing. Each day at Bright Minds is full of fun and excitement. Although children follow daily routine to develop certain skills, no two days can be counted similar. A lot of cultural activities are being held to promote creativity, physical coordination, maturity, as well as social and practical skills. Activities like singing, dancing, outdoor games, group projects and dramatics make the life of Bright Minds exceptional. It is only when teachers and parents join hands to work towards the future of the child; results have positive impact on the child’s holistic development.

A boy/girl studying in Bright Minds is assumed to abide by the rules and regulations of the school. Students are taught to be courteous, friendly and cooperative with each other, in and out of the school. Students are expected to conduct himself/herself in accordance to the highest standard of discipline which results in excellence in education and character. Students are taught to have faith in God and help the needy irrespective of their caste, creed and culture. Students are expected to be clean, dressed in uniform always, and avoid vulgarity in talk and behavior. Mistake of students are considered to be a part of their learning process, however repeated misbehavior hinders the spirit of school and will not be tolerated. Students at Bright Minds are taught to be truthful by precept and example. Students are taught to value time as late coming without any reason will not be tolerated.