Our curriculum is uniquely integrated with traditional educational theory and practice from India and abroad. Bright Minds seeks to implement a learning model, utilizing the teaching systems and methods so that learning activities are initiated, students derive new learning from the activity and ultimately become more knowledgeable, confident and committed individual. The curriculum at Pre-school focuses on teaching young learners basic skills like math and reading. Apart from the play, young minds are made to learn through regular lessons. Bright Minds utilizes worksheets, flashcards and several other learning tools to make the children learn lessons being taught. Theses learning tools stimulates the experience of a child. The main focus is all round development of the child which is physical, emotional, intellectual and social in a stress-free way. The curriculum for toddler has been specially designed to suit their physical, mental and emotional needs.

DSC01764The dedicated team of Bright Minds encourages all round development of its students by providing emotional strength, innovative environment and care. Students of middle and senior school are trained to acquire organizational and analytical skills which help them gain confidence for all sorts of examinations. The curriculum has been designed with the aim to implement a structured learning process, where teachers act as anchors that inspire and impart practical slant to the whole learning process. The teachers at Bright Minds utilize varied at interactive teaching methods such as cutting-edge technology to facilitate various areas of intelligence. Children thus are motivated to learn actively. The curriculum has been so designed that each child develops social, behavioral and life skills and can grow up to become a productive member of the society. Bright Minds wants to make each child a responsible one so that they can create a position as leader in today’s competitive environment. Bright Minds believes in instilling firm traditional and cultural base in the curriculum so that students obtain sense of identity, spiritualism and ethics.